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Fierce Women Don't Hang Out in the Doll Corner

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To celebrate physical feminism and smash the frailty myth! Women only! REALLY!
And what part of "women only" is lost on you? Seriously, if you are not living your life as a woman, don't join this community!

This community was founded after several women within just a few days had rants that were related to the "Fraily Myth" (term is taken from a wonderful book by Colette Dowling) in our LJs. I figured we needed a place to come together and rant on common ground. As well as discuss this issue in our lives, sports (what we play and what we watch), the martial arts, working out (to get strong rather than small), and the women (real and fictional) who inspire us to keep fighting this myth. Fierce warriors, physical feminists, extreme atheletes, mama bears...we all have escaped the "doll corner" and have come out to play.

I do ask that people try to keep any disagreements from being personal...we have strong opinions too and some may clash, so please keep it as civil as possible. No flaming, no put downs, if you must fight fight about facts, please.

There will likely be swearing here, so if you're sensitive to that, be warned. This is a place of ranting, such language happens.
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