Kym Lambert...or Saigh (saigh_allaidh) wrote in womenofstrength,
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Fitness books or other media suggestions?

I was wondering if any one had any fitness media they particularly recommended to women looking to gain real strength? What I'm looking for is obviously not something that spends pages telling women they have to train differently than men in order to get "toned" rather than bulky OR instead says that women "don't worry you can't bulk up like men do." If they say that most people, female or male, won't get to bodybuilder proportions, that's fine (don't you love it when some guy who is fit but far from bulked up himself reassures us that we women don't have to worry about bulking up?). Not having heinous low-fat, artificial food diets would be a plus, but I know I am asking way too much now. It also doesn't have to be woman only or woman focused book if it treats women equally.
Tags: fitness, physical feminism
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