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Because I don't have enough to play with

I thought I'd post here and in a few other places to see if anyone can help me find more. No, this isn't a "do my homework" post, this is a "please, give me more homework" post. While I have a few things I need to bounce back and forth with a few people, what I'm asking here is if anyone has anything that comes to mind that I shouldn't forget.

Okay, I'm doing research on women warriors in Celtic cultures...mostly Gaelic, but I'm doing some cross-cultural searching as well. Also other I-E cultures. I've been doing this research for a number of years, but, you know, not always loving what I'm finding as well as Life Getting In The Way this has just taken a level that I've not tried to take it to for awhile now.

No, this is not one of those "Celtic women had high status and held all positions men did, yada, yada" things....I'm going through what was actually written and, actually, trying to correct some "common knowledge" BS that is out there. Which, btw, is an often depressing task as there's some great fantasy out there. Very exciting. Hard to figure out how to make the actual tales so inspiring at this point, actually.

But, you know, there's always something missed. Some good source I just didn't catch somewhere. Some aspect that maybe people want to see discussed that I never thought of. And, yes, some piece of fluff that I might want to know exists so that I might have an idea of what needs addressing.

So, no, not asking for anyone to go do research. But those who might have anything, what do you think I shouldn't miss:
Some bit of Irish early Christian mention of a woman warrior, even tiny (I fear there may be nothing more, but maybe there is something I missed...later, historic women are a future project related to this, I'm trying to work on one thing at at time)?
An aspect of Gaelic warfare that should be included?
Is there a good recent book on Celtic women I might have missed?
On Celtic warriors?
On Celtic women warriors? (hey, if someone's done this already and it actually is good, maybe i can get my brain to shut up)
Okay, what about bad ones, because I can always use some more fodder?

I really need some prompting here, because I'm to the point where I'm going to have to finally sort through Fionn's fosterers....and, well, I'd just as soon put that off until I get some more sleep (working lots of overtime...but at least I can write and research at work).

Edited to add, as someone asked: Some of the books I'm using around this subject are: Bitel's Land of Women, Nagy's Wisdom of the Outlaw, Clark's The Great Queens, Patterson's Cattle Lords and Clansmen (edited to fix this title), Enright's Lady with a Mead Cup. Then there are bits from various books on the culture, far too many to list. I'm going to primary sources as much as possible though, various translations when I can find them but my first stop is often CELT when I'm searching something in particular. Oh, I'm also using Ellis's Celtic Women but not in a very nice way...he passes on, and possibly creates, some of the more enticing misinformation out there and I figure it's good to know what is being spread.

Thing is, just because I'm already using a source doesn't mean that I am catching things people might want to see addressed. And, of course, in the primary stories, I could be missing lots of stuff.

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