wyst_lifts (wyst_lifts) wrote in womenofstrength,

Famous women of strength

My LJ is mostly about bodybuilding (and that's what I'm into). But I also like seeing female strength spilling over into the regular world, too, not just in bodybuilding. Here are a couple cool pics I've seen recently.

Michele Obama at the correspondents dinner. I think the joke was that she definitely has the right to bear arms, something like that. So cool! Whatever your politics, it's cool to see the 1st lady flexing the biceps!

Mel B AKA Scary Spice. Holy cow! She's got her own fitness DVD, even. She's not big, but she's in great shape, and, wow, that is a six-pack!

And how about this one? Elizabeth Shue from her upcoming movie Piranha 3D. I hope I look that good at 45. From Adventures in Babysitting to Adventures to Bodybuilding!


Any one else got any like this?

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