Katherine O'Kelly (katherineokelly) wrote in womenofstrength,
Katherine O'Kelly

Recommended Viewing: Double Dare

Hello, fellow womenofstrength! I recently saw a documentary I highly recommend about women stunt doubles. It's called "Double Dare" and it's available on NetFlix instant streaming. Here's the summary:

With being thrown off buildings an occupational hazard, professional stuntwomen Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell (the stunt doubles of Wonder Woman and Xena, respectively) would seem well-equipped for any challenges Hollywood might dish out. But finding roles -- and respect -- in a male-dominated field can prove more harrowing than dodging punches. Amanda Micheli directs this fascinating glimpse into the feminine side of a traditionally macho pursuit.

I thought both Zoe and Jeannie had great grit and athleticism and it was cool to see a sort of mentor relationship between them. Definitely worth a watch, especially if you've already got Netflix. Bonus that it's directed by a woman as well.

What movies do you ladies watch when you want to get your adrenaline up and see some women kicking ass?
Tags: motivation, movies, physical feminism
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