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Saturday June 13, 2-5PM

Littleton Kokikai Aikido, at Flying Squirrel Consortium: Littleton Mill Building at 410 Great Rd, Littleton, Ma

cost $20, working scholarships available for financial hardship

. Theme: "Five Forms of Harmony"

. Ukemi: front and back falls, introduction to rolling, one attack (tsuki; stomach punch)

. Techniques: kotegaishi, kokyunage "comi nage", kokyunage "straight through", kaitenage, ikkyo

. Ki voice practice (counting, kiai, possibly misogi if there's time)

All levels (no experience -> black belt) welcome. To be taught by yours truly, chief instructor, Littleton Kokikai, with my fellow instructors and y'all :) @ear comfy, easy-to-roll-around-in clothes or gi, plan to be barefoot if possible. BRING A WATER BOTTLE OR REFRESHMENT DRINK!

RSVP or questions in comments (email to this account @ lj works too :)
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