Kym Lambert...or Saigh (saigh_allaidh) wrote in womenofstrength,
Kym Lambert...or Saigh

Michelle Obama's arms

Seeing things have been quiet here and this is one place where discussing Michelle Obama's arms is perhaps more appropriate than discussing Barack Obama's policies, I thought I'd throw this out here.

A friend and sccharmschool member posted in her own LJ Why all the fuss over a first lady's bare arms? which attempts to answer the question.

I think she failed, so I posted The real reason everyone is nuts over Michelle Obama's arms because I figured I just had to get in on all this considering the theme of my blog.

She even failed to get which decade T2 came out, but at least Sarah/Linda does get a mention.

I figured I'd share it here and see what people think.
Tags: fitness, michelle obama, physical feminism, women's strength
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