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Self-promotion: Physical Feminist blog

I tend to hate doing this sort of thing but:

I have FINALLY, after about a year or so, started a Physical Feminist blog at

While there may be some mirroring here in my social blogs, in womenofstrength and the various Sarah Connor Charm School locations, I wanted something happening on the topic of Physical Feminism that might be noticed by those who look down their noses at social networking blogging places. ~;p And, well, where I might be inspired to be a bit more formal...but probably not much. Now that it is started, I hope to have something going regularly there. We'll see how that works out.

Cross-posted at my LJ, womenofstrength, sccharmschool and my blogs at Tribe, MySpace and the MySpace and Facebook SCCS groups as I figured some might want to know.
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